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May 16 2020
Obama To The Rescue + Trump's INDEPENDENCE DAY + RIP Fred Willard & Phyllis George + MORE! —6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Push-up bro.

BELOW: Keep reading for Barack Obama's message, Trump's delusion, RIP Fred Willard and more ...

Barack-obama-boycultureMitch McConnell must wish he would've kept his mouth shut. (Image via video still)

YOUTUBE: Barack Obama's HBCU 2020 commencement celebration address is what I needed. More:

EXTRATV: Sophia Hutchins Gay-grab-magazine-boyculture isn't fucking Caitlyn Jenner, but she still almost had to move out of her house. P.S. This 24-year-old bitch is Caitlyn's manager? What. Ever.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Gay mags guh-lore.

THE HILL: Trump fires State Dept. Inspector General out of revenge.

TWITTER: Some jag-off stuck Trump's head on Bill Pullman's Independence Day body in order to make him sound eloquent. And Trump retweeted it, unironically.

Trump-pullman-boycultureSeriously, fuck YOU if this seems okay to you. (Image via Twitter)

GR8ERDAYS: RIP to the amazingly funny Fred Willard, who died of natural causes Friday at 86. I first knew him from Real People in the late '70s and missed out on Fernwood 2 Night. He popped up on my radar again in all those Christopher Guest movies, and his Modern Family character's death earlier this year was so touching — and prescient.

Anigif_sub-buzz-11233-1506537493-6Oscar-worthy in Best of Show (GIF via GIPHY)

Everybody died today. Along with Willard, Phyllis George died at 70, director and comic writer Lynn Shelton died at 54 and Trading Spaces designer Frank Bielec died at 72.

Phyllis-george-boycultureGeorge, a Miss America, was a trailblazing reporter. (Image via People)