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May 07 2020
Jake's Pickings + Trump's Valet Has The Coronavirus + Trump's Campaign: WE'RE THE DEATH STAR + Texas Hair Salon Owner Freed + Stop Sharing Anti-Vaxxer Docs + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: An influencer who can get you going without showing the body. (He does that, too.)

BELOW: Keep reading for Jake Picking's abs, Trump's coronavirus-ridden valet, why those anti-vaxxer videos you're sharing make you look stupid and more ...

Jake-picking-shirtless-boycultureHe's smoking. (Image via Instagram)

INSTAGRAM: I ... am not impressed with Hollywood. Can't get through it, let alone into it. And I don't think Jake Picking conjured Rock Hudson at all. But. He's cute, and good on 'im.

CNN: One of Trump's personal valets (are we in 18th-century France???) tested positive for COVID-19. Don't get too excited — he probably got it from Trump. Trump has been out and about far more than some valet has. I'm sure if Trump gets or has gotten COVID-19, with our luck he'd be an asymptomatic super spreader.

Brad-parscale-trump-death-star-boycultureWatch movies to the end before making analogies. (Image via Twitter)

TWITTER: Trump's campaign manager, Brad Parscale, has called Trump's re-election campaign the Death Star. You know, that big, evil thing the good guys blew up in the end?

JOE.MY.GOD.: That Texas Karen who refused to close down her hair salon amid the pandemic and was jailed is going to get sprung — the state's right-wing governor has issued an executive order banning imprisonment for defying lockdown orders. So ... what good are any governmental orders during the pandemic, then?

NYDN: California urgent-care physicians who urged immediate re-opening have been widely discredited. Stop sharing that nonsense.

Video-still-plandemic-boycultureSharing this and typing interesting is like admitting you have no comprehension of what is being said, yet you still want to be a part of the conversation. (Image via video still)

Also, I am not a fan of using memes to speak for you, but for anyone who is taken by the nutty Mikovits Plandemic scam, here are some facts to digest:

Mikovits-boycultureI endorse the verdict, especially. (Image via meme)

THR: Was the Sundance Film Festival an early U.S. petri dish for COVID-19? It sounds very likely.

VARIETY: Obamas will headline virtual graduation ceremony! (Also, watching Becoming on Netflix — it was like attending a funeral for decency.)

NBC NEWS: The Human Rights Campaign has backed Joe Biden for president, and did so on the eighth (!) anniversary of his becoming the highest-ranking elected official in U.S. history to come out in favor of gay marriage. He held the distinction briefly, until his boss chimed in.

Marlene-dietrich-autograph-boycultureThe in-e-vit-a-ble one ... (Image by Gregory Pace)

FACEBOOK: Join me on Facebook, where we shared random autographs. Some of my friends have amazing ones! (But don't friend me if you're a right-winger or a conspiracy theorist. The only real conspiracy theory is about Sarah Palin's pregnancy.)

WAPO: Boo. The entire SCOTUS cleared the convictions of the Bridgegate baddies.

Florian-schneider-boycultureAuf Wiedersehen (GIF via GIPHY)

KENNETH IN THE (212): In honor of Kraftwerk's Florian Schneider, who (it was just reported) died last month right after his birthday, a reminiscence from Kenneth.

TWITTER: If we want to terminate healthcare is a winning message in 2020, you guys are on your own.