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May 12 2020
Gay Attack In Amsterdam: The Sequel + DEAR EVAN HANSEN Boyfriends + Bryan Adams Likes Animals More Than Chinese People + Pence Hates Masks + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: This sucks!!!

BELOW: Keep reading for another gay attack in Amsterdam, Trump and Pence's efforts to get us all killed, a Dear Evan Hansen love affair and more ...

Fabio-viana-daniel-schepers-boycultureViana & Daniel Schepers, in an image from Viana's FB page (Image via FB)

PINK NEWS: Fabio Viana and Daniel Schepers, the same gay couple who were spat on, insulted and assaulted in Amsterdam simply for holding hands recently, have come under attack again, this time from a mob of about 10 boys.

Fabio-viana-homophobic-attack-amsterdam-boycultureObviously, masks and gloves for safety don't help in IDing suspects. (Image via Fabio Viana)

Viana says his lawyer will be on Dutch TV with the mayor today with the mayor (who Viana says has called him personally to encourage him to continue holding hands and even kissing in public), and tells me members of various political parties are urging the government to do something about the rising tide of homophobia in a city widely considered pro-LGBTQ.

Viana also says he felt he was in danger of being “lynched.”

Meanwhile, his first attacker, who was arrested, has cried Islamophobia, even though he was the aggressor.

YOUTUBE: Queer film history in one hour — A Queer Romance (above) is amazing and worth your time.

BEN-PLATT-noah-galvin-dating-gay-boycultureIt's new, but they're quarantining together. (Image via video still)

POPSUGAR: Ben Platt and Noah Galvin — both of whom starred in Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway — are officially a couple.

Chaosmen-shirtless-porn-male-nudity-boycultureHotel, yeah! (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

ONLYFANS: Try my (dirt-cheap) OnlyFans!

INSTAGRAM: Bryan Adams Bryan-adams-xenophobic-racist-bat-eating-boycultureposted an outrageously xenophobic rant — ostensibly pro-animal, anti-wet markets, but tone-deaf in execution — and today apologizes, saying he was merely trying to promote veganism. Animal-rights activists and some vegan activists all too often are their own worst enemies, coming off as self-righteous and, ironically, misanthropic. His rant was a perfect example of that. For good measure, his comment was also whiny and self-involved, bemoaning the cancellation of a residency. The apology:

POLITICO: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said President Obama “should have kept his mouth shut” rather than criticize Trump. Seriously? Trump has slandered, not just criticized, but slandered and lied about Obama for YEARS, daily, and McConnell thinks Obama is being, what, a little too uppity? Donate to Mitch McConnell's opponent, Amy McGrath, here.

WAPO: Fauci warns that reopening too soon will cost us thousands of lives and much unnecessary pain and suffering.

NPR: If you watch Hannity, you're more likely to have COVID-19.

CNN: Mike Pence met with food-industry execs in Iowa — after Pence's spokeswoman tested positive for COVID-19 — and he sent his lackey out to demand that all the business leaders remove their masks. It's just brazenly stupid:

HUFF POST: Trump is going after Jimmy Kimmel — instead of worrying about a pandemic.

BROADWAY WORLD: Hamilton is coming to Disney+ on July 3.

GR8ERDAYS: Tootie is 51!!!