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May 23 2020
Wanna Wrassle? + Trump Golfs As America Dies + Hilary Duff Is NOT A Pedophile + Queer Plot In THE OLD GUARD + GOD'S OWN COUNTRY Restored + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Enjoy your weekend.

BELOW: Keep reading for a naked wrestler, Trump's latest golf outing, Hilary Duff reacting to QAnon pedophile rumors, Queerantine winner and more ...

Ricochet-.Selfie.2Let me count the ways — and the abs. (Image via selfie)

OMG.BLOG! (WORK UNFRIENDLY): A pro wrestler goes naked.


SOCIALITE LIFE: The hottest guys' hottest Instagram posts to get you through the day.

GR8ERDAYS: Holy mother of Nolan Miller! Joan Collins is 87 today.

HUFF POST: Trump's bimbo press secretary accidentally flaunted his private bank account number and routing number. And he banks at Capital One. Oh, la-la! Where all the billionaires bank.

TWITTER: Trump golfs while Americans die. Oh, and he does it in a pack of three with no masks.

JUST JARED: I fear that the world is sliding into chaos, fueled by idiocy. I woke up to a post in which I was tagged. The post was from a Facebook friend who relentlessly tags me in diva-war shit. This time, he was alerting me that Hilary Duff stood accused of child sex-trafficking. WTF? I went to Twitter to have a look, and — as I had presumed, because I'm not a fucking idiot — it's all Q Anon bullshit, no actual accusations, just conspiracy-theory crap about a picture of her son with white markings.

Many of the tweets on the topic were from gay-sounding fanboys. Gay people used to have to be a bit smarter to survive in the world, but that phase is clearly over, and they're now just shadows of their various favorite singers. I am all into fandom, but if you're consumed by it, if it colors your ability to function and to discern reality from lies, step away from the pop star. (For example, one young queen was mad Demi Lovato had been canceled, yet Hilary Duff should be in prison. I don't know the person's age, but even an older teen shouldn't be so easily duped. It's terrifying, and it has implications far beyond celebrity worship.)

UnnamedOld pals (GIF via Netflix)

NETFLIX: There's a queer storyline in the new Charlize Theron Netflix pic The Old Guard, and it is enacted by (see above) Marwan Kenzari and Luca Marinelli. Full trailer here.

GR8ERDAYS: Follows appreciated here — I'm remembering sweet pop star Tommy Page, who took his own life in 2017.

Dekkoo-two-meters-apart-boycultureGoing the Distance (Image via Dekkoo)

DEKKOO: The winners of Dekkoo's Queerantine Short Film Challenge have been announced, and the top dog is  Two Meters Apart. Creator Marco De Luca wins $2,500 and a deal to write and direct a short film as a Dekkoo original with a budget of $5,000.

Male figure drawing 2-boycultureDrawn to it? (Image via Paul Richmond Studio)

PAUL RICHMOND STUDIO: Tomorrow, check out this male figured drawing workshop.

MR. MAN: You can see the God's Own Country sex scenes that were censored by Amazon Prime free on Mr. Man for a week — with a 7-day trial.

COUCH SURFING: Debi Mazar recalls her early friendship with Madonna and reveals she got into acting when she was overheard reciting some Speed-the-Plow dialogue while doing the makeup for the production: