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Jun 28 2020
Pride In 6 Minutes? + GOLDEN GIRLS Blackface Episode + Trump Retweets WHITE POWER + Biden's Top 4 Veep Contenders + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: The history of Pride in the U.S., in just about six minutes. Sadly, it avoids Frank Kameny and One Magazine and pushes the lie that Sylvia Rivera had anything to do with Stonewall.

BELOW: Keep reading for the latest blackface edit, Trump retweeting WHITE POWER, Biden's Top 4 veep contenders, a new Beyoncé album and more...

Image-assetIt's the line, not the mud masks. (GIF via GIPHY)

DEADLINE: Hulu has pulled an episode of The Golden Girls over blackface concerns. In the episode in question, Rue McClanahan and Betty White are seen in mud masks that White's character urges several black characters not to mistake for her being black. So, it's not technically blackface, but it is presented as a blackface joke. I'm not sure why they couldn't just edit out that moment — the episode itself is anti-racist.

HIV PLUS: How gay porn is handling COVID-19.

POLITICO: Walking the walk — more than a third of Biden's campaign staff are POC.

MASS LIVE: Biden's veep will be Harris, Warren, Demings or Keisha Lance Bottoms. (As my friend points out, Joe & Keisha's campaign gear would read BIDEN BOTTOMS.)

HUFF POST: Trump campaign peeled off stickers at Tulsa rally that were meant to encourage social distancing.

TWITTER: Meet Sharon Sandler, the resident of The Villages in Florida who is a diehard Never Trumper, and who gave her bigoted (and barely ambulatory — four more years is optimistic, guys) neighbors (who Trump thanked for shouting WHITE POWER!) an earful:

NME: Beyoncé's next visual album is nearly here: Black Is King.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Lisa Rinna is not having it with QVC, who want her to shut her trap when it comes to politics.

NYT: Kenneth Lewes, whose The Psychoanalytic Theory of Male Homosexuality (1988) took down Freudian homophobic in the field, has died of COVID-19.

Kenneth-lewes-boycultureHe threw the book at them. (Image via Simon & Schuster)

VARIETY: If we ease off on cancel culture, let's at least get Shane Dawson fully, irrevocably canceled first, shall we?

Boyculture damian-hurley-elizabeth-steve-bing-instagram-510x600Hurley: The Sequel (Image via Instagram)

EXTRATV: Elizabeth Hurley's look-alike son Damian, 18, is thanking supporters for their kinds words regarding the shocking suicide of his father, heir and film financier Steve Bing.

YOUTUBE: Sacha Baron Cohen dressed up as a right-wing lunatic and infiltrated a right-wing lunatic event, where he sang outrageously hateful songs — that the crowd ate right up. Organizers realized they were being had, but couldn't stop him because he'd sponsored the security, LOL:

Then, as the organizers reeled, trying to figure out what went on, the comic performance artist returned in a new disguise as a cameraman, listening in: