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Jun 24 2020
Cuban Cult Singer Margarita Pracatan Dies @ 89 Comments (0)

Margarita-pracatan-boyculturePracatan in 2018. She died less than a year after Clive James. (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

Margarita Pracatan, who charmed audiences in the UK on The Clive James Show in the '90s, died Tuesday at her home in NYC. She was 89.

Born June 11, 1931, in Cuba, she emigrated to America during the revolution, settling on the Upper West Side of NYC. It had been her dream since childhood to live in the city, and she chose wisely, as her new home became a tony address over the years.

Supporting herself as a clerk at Saks, she was sought out by famous shoppers who were impressed with her over-the-top personality and warmth. An outrageous musician in the mold of Charo, but with an even more generous dollop of camp, she performed around the city, on cable-access TV and, eventually, on The Clive James Show, the latter of which brought her household-name status overseas.

A sensation, she became a big supporter of gay causes, and just last year sang “Money Can't Buy You Class” on The Real Housewives of New York City.

I had the honor of meeting Margarita in 2018. She was absolutely authentic, gracious and in search of fun. My heart goes out to Chip Duckett, her longtime friend, and to her many other friends and acquaintances, who will miss the unique woman who will always be on their minds: