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Jun 26 2020
Gia Gunn: COVID-19 IS A HOAX Comments (0)
UPDATE: $omebody told Gia she wa$ acting a fool and $he $aw the wi$dom of that and i$ now apologizing, LOL:

Gia Gunn, on Instagram Live, went on a long rant against taking the coronavirus seriously. She branded it, upfront, a hoax and went on to say that those who take precautions are cute, but that mask-wearing was creating — I guess? — some kind of mysterious herd mentality that is — I guess? — harmful.

In a pandemic.

She went on to complain that the government isn't being honest. Yeah, the Trump-run government is apparently OVERPLAYING the effects of COVID-19, which actually would be the opposite of what they are doing. They couldn't UNDERPLAY it more, pretending that wearing masks is a political gesture and that the virus is not spreading like wildfire throughout mostly red states that are ignoring basic, based-in-science facts about how to contain it.

In mouthing off about Gia's idiocy, I attracted a skeptical tweet from a local show-off, whose response to my saying neither the left nor the right stands to gain by overplaying COVID-19 was that yeah, and that's why mask-wearing should be, like, optional 'n' stuff.

So ... what is the point of letting people decide whether they should wear masks in public spaces during a pandemic? (Does he object to rules that restaurant workers wash their hands after shitting and before serving his food? Or other basic safety measures in service industries? Or seatbelts? Speed limits?)

His response is that I am a sheep in an echo chamber, and to send a link to discredited liar Kelly Brogan, who was recently forced to remove three phony board certifications from her website after the anti-vaxxer/AIDS denialist claimed that pathogens aren't real.

Great way to live, in willful ignorance.

And the show-off lives in NYC, a city that is doing well vs. COVID-19 in large part due to the preponderance (and it is far from 100%) of masks. He even retweeted Gov. Cuomo's announcement about wearing masks!

Bottom line:

The stupid walk among us, and they will call you a sheep for looking both ways before crossing the street.

Meanwhile, Gia Gunn trended over her ignorance, which led to:

Et cetera.