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Jun 30 2020
GALECA TV Nominees + Moscow Mitch Has An Official Opponent + No Social Distancing At Trump Event + 100 Most Influential NYCers + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Hottest male model of the past decade?

BELOW: Amy McGrath will face off with Mitch McConnell, Schitt's Creek tops GALECA nominees and more ...

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Falling In Love With My Trans Partner Comments (0)

Sweet video featuring love in transition.

Via press release:

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TV Titan, Movie Director & Age-Defying Trump Critic Carl Reiner Dies @ 98 Comments (0)

Carl-reiner-boycultureFlipping his wig as Alan Brady (Image via CBS)

So sad that Carl Reiner has died. Yes, he was 98 and had a truly marvelous life, but he was a constant source of inspiration, and maintained a feisty anti-Trump Twitter account right up until the end. He bashed Trump the day he died! A man to whom I can relate. FULL OBIT here.

Fleshback: Brian In Bloom Comments (0)

Lusty in the Dusty (GIF via GIPHY)

Follow Gr8erDays for more, and keep reading to ogle b'day boy Brian Bloom ...

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Jun 29 2020

Walter-mercado-boycultureThe caped crusader (Image via Netflix)

Coming to Netflix July 8 is Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado. When I was with my longtime partner, who is Puerto Rican, I learned about Mercado, who was able to become wildly popular among average people in spite of his gender-nonconforming visage. He was like a psychic Liberace!

Sadly, Mercado died in 2019, but it would appear he cooperated with this doc right up until the end ...

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Fleshback: Jim Kelly, Body-Beautiful Black Belt Comments (0)

Don't hate the tennis player ... (Image via pinup)

Please give me a follow at Gr8erDays for more like this — the late, great Jim Kelly ...

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Foreign Correspondent Pops Question + SCOTUS Tosses Louisiana Anti-Abortion Law + Yummy Chick-Feel-Gay + Nikki Blonsky Comes Out + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: GARÇON® Underwear in action.

BELOW: Keep reading for a gay marriage proposal, a surprise pro-abortion rights decision from SCOTUS, tasty Chick-Feel-Gay and more ...

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Missouri Couple Brandishes Guns On Passing BLM Protesters Comments (0)

Patricia-mark-mccloskey-mcmansion-boycultureYeah, she's definitely been trained on how to use that thing. (Image via video still)

Mark and Patricia McCloskey committed a crime when they ran out of their McMansion in St. Louis, Missouri, and pointed guns at passing BLM protesters — but don't expect them to be arrested or charged.

The well-to-do white gun-toters live in the tony Central West End gated community, and were ever so displeased this weekend to see a Black Lives Matter processional on its way to Mayor Lyda Krewson's house to demand her resignation. So, they hopped off the couch and ran outside, threatening the people — who clearly had no intention of going anywhere near their home.

This gruesome twosome are personal injury lawyers. If you wanna visit their site, note that —like themselves — it is not secure.

Via The Riverfront Times:

The couple, personal injury attorneys Mark and Patricia McCloskey, shouted at marchers who seemed to be just passing through the gated community.

A video recorded by freelance photographer Theo Welling for the Riverfront Times shows Mark, dressed in a pastel pink polo shirt and khakis, brandishing a rifle with an extended clip while Patricia, wearing black-and-white-striped top with capri pants, casually holds a small handgun.

The protesters were walking to Krewson's house for a demonstration, part of the backlash the mayor is facing for broadcasting on Facebook Live the names and addresses of advocates for defunding the police department.

Multiple people marching tonight filmed the scene in front of the McCloskeys, and various angles show the couple sweeping their weapons in the direction of protesters who were standing on the sidewalk or walking past.

Jeez, the woman is on a board that reviews the ethics of other lawyers. Really?!

The reason for the protest was absolutely valid — the Mayor of St. Louis read the names and addresses of people calling for police reform on Facebook live, an appalling abuse of her office. Instead of meeting with protesters, she doxxed them. She at first stubbornly refused to apologize, even as the ACLU condemned her. Finally, she issued a tepid apology — and a vow not to step down: