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Jun 25 2020
Pride Playlist + Gretchen Whitmer Stanning + Arizona Councilman Mocks George Floyd + Don't Thirst For Thirst Trap Madison Cawthorn + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Coitus spreads some Michael Oliver Love via this image.

BELOW: Keep reading for a spectacular Pride playlist, the worst council member in America, Mark Cuban and Carly Fiorina for Biden, why it's not okay to lust after gay Republicans and more ...

7ce0187effa17067a0a078c89ce1b80dThe right stuff (GIF via GIPHY)

OMG.BLOG!: Check out OMG.BLOG!'s Pride 2020 Playlist. It's a scorcher!

OREGON LIVE: Oregon's MAX train murderer Jeremy Christian is given two life sentences and then some for murdering two people and injuring more, including a man he stabbed in the neck. He claimed he was defending himself and didn't kill anyone, but also screamed at one female victim that he wished he'd killed her, too.

NYT: Gretchen Whitmer is a kick-ass governor for Michigan. From The New York Times' approving profile:

She asked Trump on a March 16 call with her fellow governors if he could send some from the national stockpile. The president said no; states should find supplies themselves.

“That really took my breath away,” Whitmer told me. “That’s when it became clear that there’s no bigger plan. We are just going to have to put our heads down and do what we have to do here in Michigan.”

At the time, she had no way of knowing what that would actually mean.

AZ CENTRAL: Some missteps in public life are just that — missteps. Misstatements, wrongheaded moments, mistakes. But when Republican Scottsdale City, Arizona, councilman Guy Phillips held a public protest against the mandatory wearing of masks in public, then got up on that stage in a mask, only to melodramatically announce, twice, “I can't breathe,” that is what you cancel a person for. Using his privileged pout about mask-wearing to mock the terrified, dying moments of Eric Garner and George Floyd and others is just inexcusable.

Appallingly, his inevitable apology included a steadfast denial that he knowingly used the phrase in connection with Floyd. Yeah, right.

HUFF POST: Two Secret Service members tasked with guarding Trump at his Tulsa rally tested positive for the coronavirus, leading to dozens more being asked to self-quarantine.

THE HILL: Mark Cuban is backing Biden over Trump because Biden “actually wants to run a country.”

THE ATLANTIC: Onetime GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, whose looks were insulted by Trump, is voting for Biden. I don't like Carly, but she has more self-respect that Ted Cruz and his ugly wife.

Madison-cawthorn-boyculturePlenty of cute guys out there without right-wing beliefs. (Image via campaign)

COMIC SANDS: Seriously, gays, fuck this guy. Madison Cawthorn is handsome in a Nazi way, but he's also political in a Nazi way. Why cuddle up to Trumper Republicans just because they're cute? By the way, Bric Butler, who flippantly posted:

Madison Cawthorn could repeal gay rights and I’d just say “thank you sir, but that’s not enough punishment yet sir”.

... is a gay Republican, so posting that he'd gladly sacrifice his rights is more an autobiography than the joke he claims it is.

KRON4: I definitely never saw this one coming — the Branson, Missouri, woman who explicitly stated that she would teach her grandchildren to hate black people and said “KKK belief” is now apologizing. That's a steep learning curve!

TRUE CRIME DAILY: Stella Parton, Dolly's sister, has her own abusive-cops story!

KENNETH IN THE (212): Buncha guys to make you horny.

GR8ERDAYS: Right Said Fred return nearly 30 years (!) after their first big splash with an upbeat new song for these shitty, shitty times.

GiphyYep, it was 29 years ago. (GIF via GIPHY)