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Jun 15 2020
FIRST PERIOD Review + Trump's Niece Tells All! + Stacey Abrams Swats Down Ben Carson + Trump Rally Or Anti-LGBTQ Rally? + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: He gives good profile.

BELOW: Keep reading for Trump's shaky glass of water, sexy Michael Turchin, a Karen's Kevin is fired and more ...

Michael-turchin-shirtless-gay-boycultureLance Bass's husband Michael Turchin, period. New sentence: Exclamation point. (Image via Amazon Prime)

KENNETH IN THE (212): A full-throated endorsement of First Period.

DAILY BEAST: Oh, Mary ... Trump! Mary-trump-donald-trump-nieceTrump's 55-year-old niece Mary (pictured, via LinkedIn) will publish, in August, a memoir entitled Too Much and Never Enough. The book is called “harrowing and salacious,” which should be the new names of Diamond and Silk! Among revelations: Mary was the one who helped expose Trump's tax schemes, and the allegation that Trump and cut off medical treatment to his nephew's sick child William, who had cerebral palsy. The latter could be an insight into Trump's revulsion for people with disabilities, which he infamously displayed prior to be elected. Yeah, I'll buy this one.

HUFF POST: Ben Carson says those complaining about racial disparities should “grow up.” Stacey Abrams says his take is “infantile.”

TOWLEROAD: A Trump rally outside Miami turned into an anti-LGBTQ hate rally, and it also attacked Black Lives Matter, saying people need to stay out of trouble and the cops won't kill them. (Except, er, for the scores of black people killed who weren't in trouble???)

POLITICO: Trump's physical frailty matters.

INSTAGRAM: Cyndi Lauper wishes you a great Pride.

EXTRATV: Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput takes his own life at 34.

GR8ERDAYS: Could Dolly Parton statues be the answer to replacing Confederacy and KKK monuments?

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: Yes, today is Neil Patrick Harris's birthday, but I led with Julie Hagerty.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Barbra Streisand has gifted George Floyd's daughter Gianna stock in Disney.

DAILY BEAST: Raymond Jones, the investment bank, has shit-canned the guy who joined that San Francisco Karen in harassing James Juanillo, who was stenciling BLACK LIVES MATTER in chalk on his own property.

WAPO: Coronavirus cases are surging; Trump is not paying attention.