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Jun 19 2020
Nestor, Poked To Do So, Makes His Painful Political Theater Debut Comments (0)

Gaetz-tucker-carlson-nestor-boycultureProud, happy family — including Tucker, and Fox News (Image via video still)

The faux outrage in this interview is embarrassing, truly, but here is the out-of-nowhere Latino son/ward of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Florida), Nestor, talking to Fox News.

Tucker Carlson knows this is bullshit, and the absolute most cringeworthy moment is, after Nestor struggles to say anything meaningful and finally spits out the buzz word “hypocrite” (clearly coached), Tucker says, with syrupy falsity:

Nicely put.

Gaetz does not know this is bullshit, because he's sweating bullets over swatting at a black congressman over race, and in his mind, paying for the upbringing of a teen boy born in Cuba makes him a white savior. Also, he drinks.

Nestor has no fucking idea what's going on.

But the bottom line is:

If Gaetz generously and with no ulterior motive decided to provide shelter and some semblance of a home life to a 12-year-old boy whose mother had just died (setting aside how odd it is that the boy's adult sister was supposedly Gaetz's date mate at the time ... and she didn't step up to help Nestor), then that's great. However, it doesn't change the grotesque fact that Gaetz (1) hid Nestor from the public by calling himself single and childless for years; (2) used Nestor in a couple of photo ops, in which he referred to him as a “helper” or “local” student; (3) used Nestor to settle a political argument, including dragging him out to chat with Tucker Carlson at age 19; (4) and continues to stress, on social media and his YouTube account, the fact that Nestor is not his “flesh and blood,” is legal (of course — anyone from Cuba is welcomed into the U.S.; not so other Spanish-speaking lands) and is “non-white.”

Which brings us back to the argument Gaetz had over Black Lives Matter:





So sit down, Daddy. Watch: