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Jun 25 2020
Starbucks Karen Bullies Barista Over Mask, He Rakes In $33K Comments (0)

Lenin-starbucks-boycultureThe bitch on the right has the nerve to claim she can't wear masks. (Images via FB)

Amber Lynn Gilles, a white lady who doesn't think rules apply to her, got seriously snarky with a Starbucks barista named Lenin Gutierrez when he politely asked her to wear a mask in the store, flipped out, cussed him out, took his picture and tried to get him in trouble.

Didn't work out that way. The Randy Report's got the lowdown on how Lenin turned a frustrating day at work into a financial windfall.

UPDATE: This crazy person has responded to the furor, saying it starts with coffee and ends with ... “the mark of the Beast. You know what I'm talkin' about”:

P.S. You're not being discriminated against, Karen — everyone is supposed to wear a mask inside a business.