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Jun 04 2020
Trump STILL Pushing Anti-LGBTQ Policies In Adoption Comments (0)

SourceHis Adminstration, that is ... (Image via GIF)

The Trump Administration isn't happy to be racist, it also wants to be homophobic — every chance it gets.

Today, the Administration argued in court that adoption agencies should be able to reject potential parents simply because they're gay. It's cut-and-dried discrimination, and it's exactly what all your LGBTQ Trump-supporting friends are voting for.

Via NBC News:

The Trump administration submitted a brief to the Supreme Court on Wednesday arguing that a taxpayer-funded organization should be able to refuse to work with same-sex couples and others whom the group considers to be in violation of its religious beliefs.

The brief was filed by the Department of Justice in the case Fulton v. City of Philadelphia, which centers on the refusal of Catholic Social Services, a religious nonprofit that operates a child welfare agency in Philadelphia, to place adoptive and foster children with same-sex couples in violation of the city’s nondiscrimination ordinance.

In its brief, the government argued that “Philadelphia has impermissibly discriminated against religious exercise,” and that the city’s actions “reflect unconstitutional hostility toward Catholic Social Services’ religious beliefs.”

More instances in which Trump has been anti-LGBTQ are delineated here.