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Jul 22 2020
FEED ME! Pizza Karen Is Crazy As Hell, With All The Toppings Comments (0)

Pizza-karenShe gots rights! (Image via video still)

This absolute raving lunatic ordered pizza online then showed up without a mask to get it — and, of course, she was denied.

And, of course, she melted down, lying and saying she has some sort of medical disability and frothing at the mouth about HIPPA.

But wait, there's more ...

Once this stupid, stupid, stupid human being decides to retreat to her vehicle, lo and behold — she has a matching Ken! 

Yet another Karen incident in Kennewick Washington. My dad encountered these idiots today at Papa Murphy's. Edit: any...

Posted by Corinne J Love on Sunday, July 19, 2020

These people are obsessed with rights, yet they're probably thrilled Trump is sending secret police to Democratic-run cities to snatch people into unmarked vehicles.

But, you know, PIZZA.