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Jul 23 2020
Flashback To Barbara Walters Hauling FAILURE Trump To The Carpet Comments (0)

Barbara-walters-donald-trump-boyculture“I talked to your bankers.” (Image via video still)

People are gravitating to a 1990 interview Barbara Walters did with her pal Donald Trump (one continually forgets how long this oaf has been relevant), and while she has been soft on him (and Assad ... and Roy Cohn ...) at other times, she did it right here, pinning him down on his business failures.

Watch that here, along with news about a new Olivia Newton-John movie, Martha Stewart shows her stuff, Paul Lynde and The Bride of Chucky are back, and more.

P.S. I'm most interested in this moment from the ONJ movie — Jacob Elordi:

GiphyEuphoria's star shakes it, doesn't break it. (GIF via GIPHY)