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Jul 11 2020
Former Sen. Claire McCaskill Calls Sen. Lindsey Graham POS For His Roger Stone Triangulating Comments (0)


(Image via Twitter)

When Claire McCaskill was a sitting Democratic senator from Missouri, she often had to watch her words — a red state with a blue senator, it's bound to happen.

But being out of office suits her.

Now that Trump has farted in the face of the Constitution and justice by commuting the sentence of his co-conspirator Roger Stone — who openly asked for the commutation by saying he had refused to flip on Trump, implying guilt! — McCaskill is not letting Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) get away with his bullshit, apologist take on the affair.

Graham wrote that Stone's old, in his seventies (nope, he's 67), and that this was a nonviolent offense, but McCaskill POSed Graham (!), writing that he damn well knows how the system works and accusing Graham of being in bed with liars.

Sounds 'bout right!