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Jul 22 2020
Fool's Gold: Helix Announces It Has Fired Racist Actor Dustin Gold aka Justin O'Brian aka Joe O'Brien Comments (0)

Helix-justin-obrian-dustin-gold-racist-porn-boyculture(Images via Twitter)

Once Justin O'Brian/Joe O'Brien was IDed as the gay white racist screaming the N-word on the UES this weekend, his former porn identity of Dustin Gold was also teased out.


HELIX-dustin-gold-justin-obrian-gay-porn-racist-boycultureThough he appears to be past both his twink and his attractive days, his old studio, Helix, has assured users that he was “fired,” and “will not be working for us again.”

In a social media faux pas, content featuring Gold, who hasn't been active on Twitter in three years and who Helix claims hadn't worked for them in six years, was featured by Helix on Twitter yesterday! When users noted the unfortunate post, Helix promptly removed it and explained (reasonably) that it was a pre-programmed, random post. Helix thanked the irate customers for pointing it out.

Mr. Gold, please let everyone know when you start getting all those fans you bragged you'd be getting!


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