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Jul 09 2020
I MAY DESTROY YOU Goes Super Gay! Comments (0)

Via Mr. Man: One of the hottest new shoes on HBO is the Brit import I May Destroy You, from the hilarious Michaela Coel. In this series, she plays Arabella, a young woman who experiences a night that she can no longer clearly remember ... BUT we can remember ALL the gay sex in the latest episode.

While she searches for truth and deals with what may have happened and how she feels, we get to check out some hot Italian men and super sexy Black men.

The latest scene that really left us gagging starred Samson Ajewole and Paapa Essiedu in a sweaty gay hookup. Samson is a big, tall guy, his shoulders are broad and his biceps are swole. His abs are cut and sleek and his big bulge in his underwear leaves us gagged for more. Luckily, he brings us just that … he gives us a good close-up look at his tush when he tops his sexual conquest.

Samson's ass is our weakness! 

In addition, Alessandro Carbonara gives us something tasty to chow down on when he bangs a straight woman during a threesome. What a lucky girl! If only we could tag her out and get in on this hotness. Alberto Brosio is in the background of this scene, naked and showing us his fantastic ass.

All this hotness MAY destroy us ... but we are ready for MORE!