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Jul 09 2020
My Interview With James Sheldon, A Queer Director Who Would've Turned 100 This Year Comments (0)

James-sheldon-dean-boycultureJim at the peak of his career (Image via Before I Forget/BearManor)

I wrote about the death of my friend James Sheldon in 2016, when he died at 95 of cancer. I spoke to him with an eye toward conducting a series of interviews to memorialize his incredible stories, but took a long time to transcribe our first — and last interview — because when he died, it really just took the joy out of it.

A year ago, I transcribed it and was re-energized by Jim's observations, wit, naughty sense of humor and gift for dish.

This year, the year he would've turned 100 (his doctor always told him he'd make it to the century mark), I decided to finally publish our talk, and The Hollywood Reporter was kind enough to offer itself as the venue.

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