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Jul 15 2020
Stacked Shoot + Kanye Is Out + Colorado Bans Conversion Therapy + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I'm actually shocked this is real, but Vanity Fair never in its history had a Black photographer shoot its cover — until now. Dario Calmese, congrats!

BELOW: Keep reading for a hung talent, Kanye drops out, a Republican governor gets COVID-19 (awww!) and more ...


DNA: Um, this is one of the few Dan Frank images from DNA I could run!

NEW YORK: Kanye is OUT. (But it almost happened. Kind of.)

CNN: Oklahoma's Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt has COVID-19; he is the first of the country's governors to be stricken.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Colorado is the 11th state to officially ban conversion therapy.

WTOL11: Walmart and Sam's Club are the latest major retailers to institute a national, must-wear mask policy. It begins July 20. It should have begun March 20.

RAW STORY: A rabid anti-masker at a Smart & Final chain grocery story went BERSERK on a female employee who was attempting to get him to wear a mask or leave. He repeatedly lied, claiming she was touching him, wore the mask briefly before discarding it, and then shrieked in her face while telling her to back off. The instant a male security guard appeared, the little man folded like a house of cards: