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Jul 10 2020
Gay Mag Rack + Trump Brags He's Not Cognitively Impaired + Mariah's Memoir + Madonna's Award + Racist Floridian's Outburst + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: He wants feedback.

BELOW: Keep reading for gay mags, Trump's cognitive boasts, Mariah's memoir, Madonna's award, COVID-19 idiocy and more ...

Gloss-gay-magazine-keiynan-lonsdale-shirtless-boycultureThat cover is music to your rears. (Image via Gloss)

KENNETH IN THE (212): The week's roundup of LGBTQ mags, featuring Keiynan Lonsdale, Bob the Drag Queen, David France, Boyculture-mariah-carey-book-07092020-800x450live theater (kinda-sorta) in Texas and more.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Mariah Carey's memoir is coming. Oh, joy! Its title reminds me of Monty Python.

DAILY BEAST: Trump, in trying to show off his mental acuity, bragged to Hannity that he had recently taken a cognitive test during a Walter Reed physical (that mysterious, rushed one that he's never commented on?) and that docs were surprised he had passed. He has no idea saying this makes him sound like a person whose fragile mental health necessitated an emergency test:

I took it at Walter Reed, a medical center, in front of doctors, and they were very surprised.They said, “That’s an unbelievable thing. Rarely does anybody do what you just did.” But he should take that same test.

OMG.BLOG!: When white supremacists cheat on their wives.

FRESNO BEE: Florida (ahem) CEO Jason Wood got smashed and called a bartender in Fresno, California, a “sand [N-word]” (slur for person of Arabic descent, in case your ears are virgin). This latest A-hole identified himself and his company, saving Twitter the bother. He's, um, real sorry now, and claims that if he were a racist, he wouldn't have called a Latina a slur against Arabs ... yeah, really:

NPR: CEO of Goya thanks God for ... Trump. His brand is about to get canceled. #Goyaway!

JOE.MY.GOD.: Trump blasted out a PR release for his buddy/defender Lou Dobbs's new pro-Trump book, and Dobb went on TV to say that the Deep State is trying to overthrow Dear Leader — and that the SCOTUS is in on it.

Boyculture-New York Times Magazine-Madonna(Image by JR for The New York Times Magazine)

ASME: The winner for Best Entertainment Cindy-sherman-WSJ Magazine -Cindyand Celebrity Cover of 2019, as selected by the American Society of Magazine Editors, was The New York Times Magazine's “Madonna at 60” issue, shot by JR. She loathed the interview, but loved the photos by JR. It tied with WSJ.'s Ethan James Green-shot “Innovators Issue.” Interestingly, Cindy Sherman — who shares many attributes with Madonna — was on that cover.

NYT: Gov. DeSantis — a Republican — is discouraging efforts to raise cash to hold the Republican National Convention in his state of Florida, even though he had publicly lobbied for it.

HUFF POST: Julián and Joaquin Castro's stepmother, Alice Guzman, has died of COVID-19.

Del-marsh-covid-19-alabama-boycultureThe face of incompetence and evil — he wants MORE sickness, not less. (Image via video still)

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER: The leader of Alabama's state senate wants more people to get COVID-19. He doesn't care that in order to achieve herd immunity (which many have argued isn't possible with COVID-19), thousands more of his fellow Alabamians would have to die. Currently, ICUs in Alabama are bursting. Hello?

THR: Fridays actress Brandis Kemp, who was battling cancer, died July 4 after contracting COVID-19.