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Jul 11 2020
Hot Chile + Romney Condemns Trump's Commutation + White Gun-Toters Lose Weapon + Stonewall Beach + Anti-Masker Dying Of COVID-19 + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Eroticco does it again.

BELOW: Keep reading for some hot Chile, a COVID-19 denialist at death's door, Mitt Romney almost alone among the GOP condemning Trump and more ...

Juan_Carlos_Maldonado_in_The_Prince_insert_courtesy_Artsploitation_Films-boycultureWe met at the bars ... (Image via Artsploitation)

L.A. BLADE: The Chilean prison drama El Principe (The Prince) sounds up our alley:

At first glance, El Principe – the new-to-America prison drama from Chilean filmmaker Sebastián Muñoz — might appear to be nothing more than just another entry in a long line of homoerotic fantasies paying homage to a certain fetishized image of hyper-sexualized, violent masculinity that originated generations ago in the underground history of queer culture. That assessment would not be altogether wrong ...

KENNETH IN THE (212): Is it the stache? The slipping Speedo? The spread legs?

THR: Somehow, a writer (Blake Neff) for Tucker Carlson wrote things that were even too racist and even too sexist for Tucker Carlson!

THE HILL: Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill, embroiled in a groping scandal for two years, barely lost his re-election bid. But the Black Republican did lose; Todd Rokita will be the GOP's pick to square off against the Democrats' Jonathan Weinzapfel.

HUFF POST: Only Mitt Romney, on the Republican side, has a problem with Trump commuting Roger Stone's sentence, calling it “historic corruption.”

NBC NEWS: St. Louis cops seized the rifle brandished by white homeowners the McCloskeys against peaceful BLM protesters in June. So yeah, you can't just walk outside your home and point your kill machine at people you disagree with.

REUTERS: LGBTQ activist Yulia Tsvetkova was fined the equivalent of $1,000 in Russia for publishing drawings of same-sex couples with children online.

OUTSPORTS: Connecticut football Terrence_Bogan.0star Terrence Brogan came out as gay and says he's never so much as heard a gay slur. Good news!

EXTRATV: Brooklyn Beckham, who is only 21 and came out of a Spice Girl, is already engaged!

AJC: Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia), a living legend of the Civil Rights Era, is not dead, contrary to erroneous reports. He's been battling late-stage pancreatic cancer, and is “resting comfortably” at home.

SOUTH FLORIDA GAY NEWS: As of June 28, Florida has a Stonewall Beach that is, yes, named for that Stonewall and that is, yes, gay. Nobody who showed up for the inaugural photo wore masks or stayed six feet apart, which is related to the fact that COVID-19 IS EXPLODING IN FLORIDA, GUYS! (P.S. If you go to Walt Disney World during a pandemic and gush about the empty rides, do not come running back to me to whine about how being crammed into an ICU reminds you that it's a small, small world.)

SAVE THE DEMOCRACY: He helped make the wearing of masks optional instead of required, thanks to his vote. Now, a week later, he is about to die of COVID-19 — and his daughter urges us to believe in the power of prayer. I'll take science.

Paul-waldron-boycultureHis area? St. Johns, Florida (Image via Save the Democracy)