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Jul 23 2020
Postmates Karen Scared Of Black Delivery BOY Comments (0)

Postmates-212-black-man-boycultureHer mental illness is causing mental frustration — and could spread disease. (Image via video still)

This woman is utterly insane! I don't think she counts as a Karen — she's literally mentally ill. But she thinks the Black man who is making a food delivery is some guy wandering around letting himself into buildings to apparently steal. So his scam is to have a Postmates delivery with the address on it and get into the building. People like this belong locked up ...

Young hard working Black men should not be subjected to this crap. When will it end? I just want to point out the...

Posted by Ernest Hopkins on Thursday, July 23, 2020

You know what else is fucked up about this? The person accepting the delivery barely cares!!!