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Jul 21 2020
Racist Gay Loudmouth Who Shouted N-Word On UES IDed? Comments (0)

Anthony Beckford, the NYC city council candidate who spearheaded the search for the identity of the white gay man who screamed the N-word in UES traffic this weekend — and who assaulted a guy filming him, throwing his phone to the ground — has announced he thinks he knows who the perp is.

VIDEO of the Racist in Action

Early Monday, Beckford reported that the guy in the video is Helix porn model Dustin Gold aka Justin O'Brian — his identity has since been linked to a now-vanished Facebook page for Joe O'Brien, so take your pick when it comes to the naming part of naming 'n' shaming. Someone on Twitter initially denied this was him, having worked with him, but if it is O'Brian/O'Brien, perhaps his co-worker could be forgiven — he's ... changed a lot during lockdown:

I can hardly tell it's the same person, but his Twitter has been dormant for three years, so that's a lot of time to go to pot.

It does make sense he's a performer, considering the way he talks about getting more fans.