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Jul 06 2020
Fire Island Caterer Burned For Pandemic Party Comments (0)

Stephen-daniello-coronavirus-covid19-boycultureCaterer Stephen Daniello is the latest Fire Island denizen to get royally dragged by Logan Slaughter.

Slaughter reports that a large house party at Daniello's pad on Fire Island was so loud and raucous the cops were called. Being situated near the Blue Whale, a restrictions-abiding establishment, even got the Blue Whale in trouble by association.

Slaughter asked Daniello to comment and he assured her it was his houseguests who ran the party, and that he slept through it.

The guy's a cook, so I'll just say that excuse don't sit right ...

So Stephen Daniello you mean to tell me you slept through that event on your deck last night and had no idea it was...

Posted by Logan Slaughter on Monday, July 6, 2020

If it feels like a bunch of gay men are running around exclaiming that Goody Daniello is a witch, I would argue that people being this reckless — and endangering more than just themselves, remember — in a pandemic really are witches.