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Aug 13 2020
Boys Wigs Gone Bad, Plus: How To Get The Good Wigs — For Real Comments (0)

Kevin-carlson-wigs-facebook-boycultureHe flipped his wig when he opened the package. (Images via Kevin Carlson)

Kevin Carlson saw so many of those annoying Facebook ads promoting wigs for boys that he simply could not resist trying some out.

The results are hair-raising ...


All here:

Hey Everyone!! I know you have all seen the pages for the "boy wigs". For fun, I thought I would see what I could get....

Posted by Kevin Carlson on Tuesday, August 11, 2020

After I ran this, I found out that the images used by most of the wig dealers on Facebook are stolen from WhatWigs, a business founded by Noah, a gay man from Virginia who is pictured here:

Noah-what-wigs-boycultureWhatWigs founder Noah (Image via WhatWig)

So many companies have stolen Noah's images — and provide customers with ratty wigs like the ones Kevin so brilliantly parodied — that Noah just wants the world to know it is actually possible to get the good stuff.

Noah tells BoyCulture:

I just want people to know that that’s not actually me, and if you are purchasing through me, you would get exactly what is pictured. There are a bunch of websites out there that are scamming people out of their money and sending them those wigs and the only place you can get the actual wigs in the pictures is through my Instagram, which is @whatwigs, or my website, which is

So, don't tear your hair out over this — and help support a gay-owned business if you do.