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Aug 06 2020
A STAR IS BORED: Debut Novel Wants To Quarantine With You Comments (0)

A-star-is-bored-byron-lane-testicular-cancer-gay-boyculture(Images via Henry Holt & Co.)

Carrie Fisher's assistant, Byron Lane aka Byronius aka Cock Ring, has published his debut novel, A Star Is Bored, proving he has inherited his late boss's knack for titles.

Teased by EW, the book is described by Metrosource as:

... the perfect quarantine companion with delicious celebrity name-dropping, stuck-up personal assistants, self-realization, daddy issues, gay dating gone wrong, witty comebacks, and even cameos by Debbie Reynolds — I mean, a classic Hollywood diva.

You may know Lane from his Web series Last Will and Testicle, which revolved around his testicular cancer diagnosis (in real life, it's back — but treatable — and he's doing fine).

Check out the novel here.