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Aug 18 2020
Democratic National Convention Night 2 With First Lady-Lady-Lady Jill Biden Comments (0)

Jill-biden-boyculture(Image via video still)

Some takeaways from the second night of the DNC:

(1) “I'm Jill Biden's husband.”

(2) I love Jill Biden.

(3) I want calamari.

(4) It was sweet of Cindy McCain to at least honor, if not endorse, Biden.

(5) Biden/Harris are going to prioritize health care.

(6) All the be-scared-of-Hunter-Biden crap coming is not going to stick on the Bidens.

(7) AOC is the future of the party.

(8) I want every convention to be virtual. I absolutely loved the far-flung delegate roll call videos, and she was probably my favorite delegate ...

(9) ... but I also liked the Ohio dudes:

(10) And Jacquelyn Asbie stole the whole, entire night: