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Aug 19 2020
Hot Kennedy, Comin' Through! + Ocasio-Cortez Slams NBC + The Gay Farmer Who Stole Hearts + Booties, Bulges & Trump's Fan Letter To Putin + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Good question.

BELOW: Keep reading for a hot new Kennedy, Clinton & more at the DNC, a ginger booty god and more ...

Jack-schlossberg-boycultureThe hot Jewish Kennedy is unveiled. (Image via video still)

TWITTER: Gay Twitter licked its chops upon seeing Caroline Kennedy's 27-year-old son Jack Schlossberg at the DNC. Schlossberg harkened to his grandfather's words about asking “not what your country can do for you”:

NYT: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) spent about 90 seconds as part of the procedural nomination of Bernie Sanders for president at the DNC, a completely normal and expected part of the evening, and nothing newsworthy. Yet NBC spun it as a shocker that she didn't mention or endorse Joe Biden (she already has). I'm glad Ocasio-Cortez blasted NBC for the willful twisting of events, because I saw FAR too many Dems online bashing her, seemingly clueless as to how conventions work.

TWITTER: Gay farmer Craig Hickman won many new fans online when he appeared on behalf of Maine to announce his state's delegate haul for Biden:

OMG.BLOG! (WORK UNFRIENDLY): What Roman emperors may have looked like IRL — using their statuary as an artistic jumping-off point.

Roman-emperor-art-boycultureI'm down. (Image via Haround Binous)

YAHOO! NEWS: Bill Clinton at the DNC said Trump will use another four years to “blame, bully and belittle.” I know some think Bill Clinton shouldn't be featured since he — gasp — got a public shoulder massage from a 20something young woman who called him a perfect gentleman, but this was his most concise and effective speech in a long time. Don't forget he is known for going on and on and on.

Ginger-jock-gay-beard-boycultureGingerly (Image via Instagram)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Nice butt on him, too!

First-day-bbc-trans-boycultureRepresentational television (Image via BBC)

BBC: First Day, about a 12-year-old trans girl adapting to school, hits the BBC.

GR8ERDAYS: Jonathan Frakes is among today's celebrity birthdays. More here.

Jonathan-frakes-birthday-boycultureBulging with birthday well-wishes! (Image via Gr8erDays)

BLOOMBERG: Trump is illegally using his bully pulpit as POTUS to ask consumers to boycott Goodyear Tires, all because the company has banned MAGA hats from the workplace. Goodyear shares sank 6% upon his pronouncement. I would hope the company files suit.

Boyculture-Trump-love-letter-to-PutinThis alone should be enough to make him resign. It isn't. It should be. (Image via Raw Story)

RAW STORY: Trump's gushing note to despot Putin from 2007 is real.

Boyculture-tom-ellis-emmy-mag2The Lucifer star might make you horny. (Image via Emmy)

EXTRATV: On set with handsome devil Tom Ellis.

APPLE+: On the Rocks, by Sofia Coppola and starring Bill Murray and Rashida Jones, gets its first trailer — and I am ready: