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Aug 12 2020
Naked Gay Sex Underwater — And More! Comments (0)

This underground Greek film is about as close to porn as it, er, comes. Keep reading for Mr. Man's sexy review ...

He Loves Me is the unflinching story of a relationship in its twilight, and two impossibly gorgeous guys who are trying to make it work against all odds. Just two hunks in paradise, fully celebrating each other and their bodies without a break in action. 

When we say, NO BREAK IN ACTION, we mean it...  This movie comes in at 74 minutes on the running time and roughly 72 minutes of this one are Hermes Pittakos and Sanuye Shoteka going full-frontal, wrestling naked on the beach, blowing each other underwater, screwing while on a hike, or laying out with a classic self-pleasuring session peppered into their vacation. 

It marks nude-comer roles for both handsome leads, and also marks nine (YES, 9!) nude scenes, in which you get to see pretty much every inch of these sunbathing smoke shows from tops to tails.

You might need to watch this movie in incognito mode ... !