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Aug 11 2020
Right-Wing Congressional Candidate Madison Cawthorn Gushed Over Visiting ... Hitler's Lair Comments (0)

Madison-cawthorn-eagles-nest-brother-boycultureCreepy x 1000 (Image via Instagram)

Madison Cawthorn, the Madison-cawthorn-eagles-nest-boyculture25-year-old (24 when he won), differently-abled congressional candidate from North Carolina — who beat a Trump-backed candidate in his primary — has attracted attention for his good looks. 

But can we refocus on the Nazism?

In 2017, Cawthorn gushed about his joy at fulfilling a bucket list item — to visit the infamous Eagle's Nest, Hitler's lair.

He referred to Hitler with great respect, calling him the Führer. Even referencing WWII's atrocities sounds admiring in the posts, which he quickly deleted once they were discovered.

In spite of deleting them, he is unrepentant, claiming it was not admiration, but triumph over evil he was celebrating.

Vith his blond hair und his high cheekbones. 

Ironically, he'd still have been tossed into the ovens by Hitler due to his wheelchair. Never meet your heroes, they say.