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Aug 07 2020
The Tails Of August: Are You An Ass Man? Comments (0)

Via Mr. Man: It’s the dog days of summer, those moist days and sultry nights that get our juices flowing and our minds wandering. When we’re sweaty and bored, one of our favorite pastimes is thinking of perfect, delectable peaches.

With that in mind, Mr. Man is proud to present “August Birthday Butts,” a quick homage to our favorite August birthday hunks. Nude and exposed — just how we like them ...

We have a thing for Aussies, and Chris Hemsworth is pure Aussie hunk.

Scott Caan’s perfect peach is a thing of beauty. Did we mention we love peaches?

Michael Ealy is known for his charming good looks and chiseled body ... and they both deliver.

Speaking of Aussies: Australian eye-catcher and divine daddy Eric Bana never fails to please.

It was Jason Momoa’s turn as Khal Drogo on the late, great HBO show Game of Thrones that brought him into the mainstream consciousness — and out of his clothes.

Justin Theroux will leave some leftovers in your pants when he bares his edible end in multiple scenes of The Leftovers ...

... and let’s not forget about his legendary gray sweatpants moment.

Remember when Ed Norton bulked up, shaved his head and flashed dat ass in American History X?

Viking stud Alexander Skarsgård enjoys showing off his amazing, fit body any chance he gets, and we recall the many times he has exposed those gorgeous glutes so tight you could bounce Thor’s hammer off of them.

We’d forgive you if you forgot about Christian Slater, but this butt shot might jog your memory.

The end(s)!