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Aug 17 2020
Michelle Obama Ends Night 1 Of DNC With Passionate Endorsement Of Biden, Brutal Take-Down Of Trump, Plea To Vote Comments (0)

Michelle-Obama-DNC_boycultureShe is what she is: An icon.(Image via video still)

I really liked the virtual DNC! Sure beats watching middle-aged loons dancing around in funny hats, drunk as skunks.

I am wondering if political parties will revert to more of this even post-pandemic, as it also allows for a tightly controlled message.

Easily, the most important and most effective speech of the evening was the capper: Former First Lady Michelle Obama gave the best speech she's ever given. She was at turns passionate, newly unafraid to identify as furious, eloquent, relatable, sensible and stealthily brutal, as when she summed up Trump by stating:

Donald Trump is the wrong president for our country ... He can not meet this moment. He simply can not be who we need him to be for us. It is what it is.

Her repeating of Trump's “it is what it is” answer to the pandemic was a major mic drop.

Bernie Sanders gave a rousing speech, calling for progressives to coalesce behind Joe or risk losing all the ground they've gained during Bernie's two runs. He clearly likes Joe, and that helps, and he clearly hates Trump, saying:

Nero fiddled while Rome burned —  Trump golfs.

Other highlights included Republican former Ohio Gov. John Kasich urging fellow Republicans to turn on Trump the man who has driven the GOP into the ground, as well as fine speeches from Michigan Gov. Gretchen “That Woman” Whitmer, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Rep. Jim Clyburn and a round table run by Biden himself on race relations.

Then, of course, there was citizen Kristin Urquiza, whose dad voted for, loved and listened to Trump. Because of Trump's words, he broke quarantine for a night of karaoke, caught the novel coronavirus and died, disillusioned. She spoke up on his behalf, and it was moving.

Kristin-urquiza-dncKristin's dad on the very night he was infected. (Image via social media)

I think our side has both the optimism and the desire to destroy Trump before he destroys us. Their side has desperation, and is running on fumes.

Onward to night 2!