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Aug 18 2020
Sam Smith And Burna Boy TEAM UP On Wavy New Single MY OASIS Comments (0)

Sam Smith and Burna Boy worked together on a new song “My Oasis.” The song was released July 30, a day after Smith’s announcement that the song would be arriving the evening of the 29th. Smith has already released other singles this year. His song “To Die For” was released on Valentine’s Day. Another song, “I’m Ready,” a collaboration with Demi Lovato, was released in April. On July 30, Smith posted on Instagram: “Hello all. My new song with @burnaboy ‘My Oasis’ is officially out. I hope you love it like I do.” Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Sam Smith was planning on releasing a new album To Die For. However, when the pandemic started, he decided to postpone the release and afterward to rework the album.

Fans want Sam’s private shows

The COVID-19 pandemic devastated the music industry. The live shows were canceled or postponed. Every venue that could host a concert was shut down. However, some countries started reopening and many public spaces, smaller venues such as bars, restaurants, and casinos are allowed to host a small number of guests. Fans believe that  the US. and Canadian casinos might be organizing private shows for VIP audiences. Casinos might offer live performances of stars, including Sam Smith. The musician has a lot to surprise his fans with, considering there is an entire unreleased album that his fandom has not heard yet. It would be a huge surprise for his supporters to be the first ones to listen to these songs performed live. Casino brands allow only a limited number of people. Casino lovers get access to high roller casino games and test new bonus offers to VIP guests. During the private shows, artists perform not only popular tracks but also they may debut a new album and that’s why fans believe that Sam Smith will have few private shows in U.S. and Canadian casinos until the end of the year. The private shows are usually limited to a small number of guests and have strict dress codes varying from classic nights when the guests wear tuxedos and gowns, comic book- and superhero movie nights where the guests might dress up as their favorite characters, to other themed parties inspired by time periods, tv-shows and other sources. 

Sam Smith’s song becomes the latest trend on TikTok

Singing Sam Smith’s song is a new challenge on TikTok. People post their videos trying to sing his song and go from low to high notes. TikTok challenges became very popular and they suit all tastes and styles. Lip-sync, movie scenes, dances are just a couple of challenge-types that people engage in and post their videos. The new Sam Smith challenge is of course a singing challenge. Lay Me Down challenge, as it is called, is for gifted singers who can tackle both low and high notes. Sam Smith’s 2013 song “Lay Me Down” is the song that the TikTok users sing and the challenge has over 35 million views. The song is from the musician's first album In the Lonely Hour.

Sam Smith’s trip to the Lake District

Sam Smith, a singer and songwriter who has won multiple awards including the Oscar and has over 15 million Instagram followers, was spotted in the Lake District. He visited a family-owned Lakeland Spice restaurant. At first, the owner pretended that he did not recognize the singer because he wanted to seem calm and confident. Sam and his friends were happy with the service and the meal. The restaurant owner says that all three of them were very nice people. The doors had to be locked because when people saw Sam they ran inside from the street. Mr. Monsur who has been running the restaurant for over 20 years is very happy to see the customers coming back and encourages people to visit Keswick.