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Aug 30 2020
BIG Naked BROTHER + NYC Tenants Duped Into RNC Comments + Kennedy's Losing + Trump Cheers On The Violence In Portland + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: It's very important NEVER to think you can't lose. It's far more important, as Trump ramps up his calls for violence, NEVER to think you can't win.

BELOW: Keep reading for a big, naked brother; Trump's call for violence (and promise only he can end it???); a rare Kennedy loser and more ...

Boyculture-Mischa_Mayer_0201Good, recently clean, fun (Images via video stills)

OMG.BLOG! (WORK UNFRIENDLY): I will give you my finest hour / The one I spent watching you shower.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Chadwick Boseman's account's last tweet is now Twitter's most-liked ever.

HUFF POST: At least three NYC tenants whose testimonies where used during the RNC are expressing outrage — they were never told what the videos were for, and they are anti-Trump.

NYT: “Breonna Taylor's life was changing. Then the police came to her door.”

POLITICO: A Kennedy is coasting to a loss in Massachusetts.

WAPO: Yes, Biden is going to campaign in the flesh.

538: Trump has gained in the polls slightly, but is it actually linked to BLM and social unrest?

TPM: After a caravan of Trumpers descended upon Portland last night, a man was shot and killed. He appears to have been one of the Trump supporters who came into the area.

BBC: Trans man Chiyo is competing for the title of Mr. Gay England 2020 in an effort to break down the prevailing ideas of male beauty.

Photo-by-matthew-rettenmund-shirtless-boycultureMy guy, and Chiyo (inset) (Images by Matthew Rettenmund & BBC)

ONLYFANS: My OnlyFans is probably building up prevailing ideas of male beauty. Room for both!

LIVESTREAM: Poor People's March — livestreamed! — will take on Moscow Mitch McConnell's cruel eviction policies.

GR8ERDAYS: Meanwhile, Angela Lansbury is living her best life: