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Aug 12 2020
Model Bares All + Sheriff Bans Face Masks + Meet Kamala's Lesbian Chief Of Staff + QAnon Nut Heading To Congress + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Noah Centineo is well on his way to He-Man status.

BELOW: Keep reading for Trump going full QAnon, Kamala's lesbian chief of staff and more ...

Shirtless-paolo-bellucci-nude-feet-boycultureHe isn't shy ... (Image via Instagram)

COCKTAILS & COCKTALK: Model Paolo Bellucci goes full-frontal, full-backal.

Mattthew-helmerichs-gay-outsports-boyculture“I realized I wasn't happy living a double life.” (Image via Matthew Helmerichs)

OUTSPORTS: Gay athlete who used sports to aid in his coming-out process.

KICKSTARTER: Your chance to help these naked-man playing cards become a reality.

FIVE THIRTY EIGHT: It's way too soon to count Trump out, but Biden is favored to win — 71% as of now.

OUTSMART: Meet lesbian Karine Jean-Pierre, who will serve as Kamala Harris's chief of staff.

Briggs-mask-boycultureDefund the police. (Image via video still)

TOWLEROAD: A cop got up into the face a young man filming other cops from a distance and, to show superiority, ripped his face mask off. Battery sounds like one charge he could face.

PEOPLE: Florida is experiencing a huge wave of coronavirus cases — but Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods has banned masks for all of his officers. How very Florida of him.

HUFF POST: Marjorie Taylor Green, a QAnon nutjob, has won the GOP nomination in her primary in Georgia. Since her district is heavily Republican, she is expected to be ushered into Congress in November. Even though the GOP's power players have renounced this racist loon, Trump offered her his warmest congrats. Meanwhile, bitch is already sued.

TWITTER: Dave says it right — this is what happens when kooks are de-platformed, they wind up having to resort to wandering around with a megaphone.

POLITICO: Might not be Joe Kennedy's time after all.

EXTRATV: Media mogul Sumner Redstone has died at 97. One part of his legacy not usually stressed? How he ripped so many people off.

YOUTUBE: Milo Yiannopoulos, in a BLACK COCKS MATTER T-shirt, is reduced to tears being called out by a YouTuber. You love to see it: