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Sep 14 2020
Andrew Gillum: Yep, I'm Bi + Greenwald Ignored Damning Russian Docs + Trump Wants To Jail Obama + Of Perfect Butts + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: If you've never seen Christopher Walken dancing his ass off in 1985, see it here. You'll smile. He, 101-year-old Marge Champion and Elaine Joyce are the last people in this clip still with us.

BELOW: Keep reading for Andrew Gillum's coming-out words, Trump calling for Obama to be jailed, why Glenn Greenwald is garbage, a sexy boy-to-man transformation, a perfect ass and more ...

Andrew-gillum-tamron-hall-boycultureYour gaydar was wrong — he's bi! (Images via video still)

OUT: Beleaguered former Democratic politico Andrew Gillum — who narrowly lost the race to become Florida's governor not too long ago, and who was pictured naked and strung out after an encounter with a rentboy even more recently — came out as bi in his comeback interview on Tamron Hall:

“You didn't ask the question, you put it out there of whether I identify as gay. The answer is I don’t identify as gay but I do identify as bisexual," he said in the interview, which functioned as the season 2 debut of Hall's show. "And that is something that I’ve never shared publicly before.”

Because Tamron's bi erasure is the real problem here. Sigh. Go away, Andrew. You fucked up, and it's never going to be fixed, even though yes, that hooker was a piece of garbage. The only purpose in doing this type of interview is that this fool believes he can recover and run again. Just ... no. (Congrats to Tamron Hall on an amazing Season 2 opener, BTW.)

NYT: Reminder: Glenn Greenwald is a terrible person, a fake journalist and a Russian apologist.

Robert-logan-shorts-family-wilderness-hot-boyculture-gr8erdaysBoy to man (Images via

GR8ERDAYS: A five-course meal of hot Robert Logan images. You get to decide if you preferred him as a young Robert Wagner look-alike in short-shorts, or as the fuzzy dad in those '70s family wilderness flicks.

AOL: At Trump's Nevada rally, he instigated a chant to lock up Obama. Dude, arrest Obama and this country will burn to the ground and no Republican will achieve national office again.

THE ATLANTIC: Alexander Vindman asserts that Trump is Putin's “useful idiot” in first interview since having to choose between a president and the Constitution. Explaining why he testified against Trump:

“I just had a visceral reaction to what I was hearing,” he says. “I suspected it was criminal, but I knew it was wrong. President Trump knew that Zelensky needed a meeting with him in Washington to strengthen his position vis-à-vis the entrenched opposition at home. So Trump was putting the squeeze on this leader to conduct a corrupt investigation. Trump knew he had them over a barrel. I found it repulsive and un-American for an American president to try to get a leg up by pressuring a foreign leader to get dirt on an American politician. I knew by then that Giuliani was somewhere in the background. But I refused to believe that the president was party to what Rudy was doing. I learned in that phone call that the president was the driving force.”

Vindman is a true hero.

TPM: How Woodward (speaking Sunday on 60 Minutes) knew that Trump was not up to the job:

Woodward referred to Trump’s remarks during an interview on March 19, when the President said that he “wanted to always play it down” because he didn’t want to stir a “panic.”

Woodward added that he thinks Trump “did not understand the American public” by rationalizing that he didn’t “want to create a panic.”

“We know from history when the public is told the truth, they organize. ‘We have a problem, we’re going to step up,’’ Woodward said. “And Trump thought, ‘Oh, well, they’ll panic.’”

Woodward then argued that the President “failed” in responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

HUFF POST: DeJoy's USPS was mailing card with inaccurate voting info to Colorado residents, so it got sued and — of course — lost. Now, the USPS is appealing! It wants to continue mailing out cards it knows are inaccurate.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Another example of QAnon invading the mainstream — a South Carolina resident appeared at a city council meeting and straight-up accused the councilmen of being pedophiles ... because they're pro-mask.

POLITICO: Biden is losing ground with Florida's Latino voters not due to policy issues, but due to an influx of bogus conspiracy theories being targeted at their social media — unchecked.

David-tronnes-killer-gay-orlando-boycultureDid he do it? (Images via WFTV)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Accused killer now also an accused homo. Will he beat the raps?

INSTAGRAM (FOLLOWS APPRECIATED): I love a man in a towel.

BOYCULTUREDOTCOM: But ... I do also love a man with his bare butt hanging right out in the open.