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Sep 03 2020
Barr Slams Mail-In Voting, Pretends Not To Know Voting Twice Is Illegal Comments (0)

William-barr-boycultureBarr needs to die in prison. (Image via video still)

Barr is worse than Trump, and possibly as powerful. Here, he obtusely claims not to understand the issue with Trump encouraging people to vote twice to test the safety of voting by mail, claims not to know if that is illegal in every state and firmly states that mail-in voting is inherently fraudulent.

The most chilling part:

Blitzer: So far, we haven't seen widespread fraud.

Barr: So far, we haven't tried it.

I honestly think this whole obsession with mail-in voting being fraudulent is Trump and Barr telegraphing that they know 2016's vote was fraudulent — in Trump's behavior.