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Sep 21 2020
Around-The-World Premiere: Cazwell's Sticky & Sweet ICE CREAM TRUCK 2020 Comments (0)

Cazwell-gay-shirtless-ice-cream-truck-2020-boycultureHis sugar is raw ... (Images via SnowCone NYC)

Queer rapper Cazwell is trying his best to save 2020, and he's doing it with a quarantine-friendly remake (song and video) of his iconic song “Ice Cream Truck” called — because let's reclaim this awful year — “Ice Cream Truck 2020.”

Themed to Candy Land, the tasty video is the vision of Caz and director Connor Catalano, and includes trans male representation in the form of activist Ezra Michel.

The video also invites back some of the ooey-gooey-yummy snacks from the original 2010 (!) video, including hung Geronimo Frias ...

... and Alex Maravilla!

Your eyes will scream, but keep reading for the amazing new video ...