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Sep 30 2020
Chris Wallace Says He's A Pro, But Is Super Bummed The Debate Was a Shitshow Comments (0)

Chris-wallace-debate-boycultureHe hates to raise his voice, but ... (Image via video still)

Chris Wallace knows his stint as moderator in last night's debate was “a terrible missed opportunity.”

I guess she'll be the next moderator:

Fleshback: Oh, Brother! Greg Brady Is 66 Comments (0)

Bravo! (Image via ABC)

Greg Brady himself — Barry Williams — is 66 today! Please celebrate by following Gr8erDays on IG here, then enjoy the icing on the birthday cake below ...

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Wrestler Gets Freaky + Sheriff Contradicts Trump + Man Cured Of HIV Dies Of Cancer + Mask Scofflaws + Justice For Murdered Activist + The Real Harold From BOYS IN THE BAND + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: It's about a foot.

BELOW: Keep reading for a naked wrestler, Trump's debate disaster, Tim Scott's approval of racism, Trump's mask outlaws, the real-life inspiration for Harold in The Boys in the Band and more ...

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Singers Helen Reddy & Mac Davis, Both 78, Died On The Same Day Comments (0)

Helen-reddy-gr8erdaysShe was woman ... (Images via Capitol)

Because 2020 sucks and it knows it sucks, it claimed both Helen Reddy of “I Am Woman” fame and Mac Davis of “In the Ghetto” fame on the same day, at the same age — 78.

Reddy's obit is here.

Davis's obit is here.

So odd, as they were also similar musicians, and, similarly, had forays into acting on their résumés.

Sep 29 2020
Shitshow 2020 Comments (0)

Trump-biden-2020-boycultureTrump lost. But so did we. (Image via video still)

The debate isn't worth parsing too closely — Trump shit the bed by coming out of the gate in a rage and getting hotter every minute, crossing every possible line without even needing to.

He could have won that debate had he never interrupted the moderator and never gone personal.

Proud-boys-boycultureProud Boys getting the message (Image via social media)

But I will say this: Biden was fine, but any lapses or missed opportunities (the forest burning in California are federalllll) were monumentally overshadowed by Trump's unhinged ugliness in insulting his intelligence, his son's drug addiction and making shit up, not to mention winking at the Proud Boys (“stand by”??? WTF???) and pre-impugning the validity of the yet-to-happen election.

Even Van Jones realizes tonight was the night Donald Trump un-became president.

Disastrous, and now Biden has a perfect out to say one and done.

As Much Finn Wittrock As You Can Handle! Comments (0)

From Mr. Man:

Finn Wittrock rocks our world because it seems like this guy wants to go nude. He basically shows his ass whenever he can and we're right behind him watching that can of his. Between his many seasons on American Horror Story and his latest role on Ratched, he is ratcheting up his nude scene count. 

On season fourof AHS, Finn gets in touch with his inner Patrick Bateman, doing exercises and getting sweaty in his tightie-whities. A couple of episodes later things get even hotter when Finn finally shows us his glorious ass! And on the following season — Hotel — he even delivers another ass shot during a gay scene with Denis O’Hare! 

There's something about his charming all-American looks that also makes him a perfect villain. He's been a crazy killer in so many Ryan Murphy projects and in Ratched he plays a sociopathic sexpot. He's making us crazy for him with his several booty-baring shower scenesAND a scene with a MASSIVE prosthetic penis. He even gets hosed down by several hot male nurses who then scrub him down with brushes. Boys, please, this is all too sensual! 

Have at it:

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BOY•FRIENDS Pilot Is Here! Comments (0)

Noam-ash-my-gay-roommate-boy-friends-boyculture(Image via YouTube @mygayroommate)

The full pilot for Boy•Friends — based on the long-running My Gay Roommate digital series — is here:

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How It's Hangin' + Biden Releases Taxes + Giuliani: Biden's Demented + Parscale Under Investigation + NeNe Attacks Andy Cohen + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Signed, unsealed, delivered — he could be yours.

BELOW: Family tube, Trump can't handle Biden's @truth, NeNe Leakes thrashes Andy Cohen and Wendy Williams, and more ...

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