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Sep 11 2020
Madonna & Diablo Cody Open Their Screenwriting Process To The Fans Comments (0)


Madonna appeared with Diablo Cody, with whom she is writing a screenplay of her life story, on Instagram Live last night. I am against her promoting an unfinished screenplay — the tease will get old — but I thought it was a fun, funny, giggly, weird and informative hour-plus. Yes, Diablo will have to bury her shoes in the yard, but I LOLed when Madonna — who did this from L.A. — suggested she was going to werk this canyon! and when she answered an idiot asking how many kids she has, I haven't decided yet.

Among the juiciest things we learned:

She claims she can't release Blond Ambition because the entire show was not filmed. This is totally untrue, but she seems to earnestly believe it. Perhaps she conflates footage she does not own with footage that does not exist?

Basquiat, Haring, Niki & Donna, and José & Luis will all be covered in the two-hour movie. José & Luis will be covered because she is going to depict how vogueing came into her life, but she also said, fondly, that they were a big, important part of her life for a time. She also wondered aloud what they must think of the resurgent interest in vogueing and the ballroom scene — without seeming to register that José is on Pose. She has seen Pose, but while she didn't wrinkle her nose or anything, seemed distant from it because it depicts a world she lived, which is fair.

She will also detail her Breakfast Club years, oddly referring to them as turncoats, even though she spoke warmly of the Gilroys in her Rock and Roll Hall of Fame speech, generously giving credit where credit is due.
Amy Pascal is the producer. Pascal's résumé is extensive and she has clout. Most recently, Pascal Pictures produced Molly's Game (2017) starring Madonna stan Jessica Chastain, Oscar-nomainted The Post (2017) starring Madonna un-stan Meryl Streep and Oscar-nominated Little Women (2019) starring everyone.

Madonna's “Like a Prayer”/Pepsi controversy will be touched upon.
Evita will receive a deep dive — she was discussing a scene in which she was working on Argentinean politicians to get access to the famous balcony.
Madonna also said she had given away her famous chihuahuas way back when because becoming a new mother made it too hard to care for them. She briefly wondered how they were doing, forgetting they died ages ago of old age. (I am almost sure one was actually adopted by Liz Rosenberg and lived a long, happy life, BTW.)
Watch for yourself: