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Sep 22 2020
Mitt Romney Supports Replacing Ginsburg Immediately Comments (0)

Tumblr_mc0l6w4Oik1qedb29o1_500... to vote out every GOPer currently in office? (GIF via GIPHY)

Via Huff Post: Mitt Romney wanted to remind us he's trash — an anti-abortion Mormon first and a Never Trumper second, he has announced he is only too happy to vote on a replacement for Ruth Bader Ginsburg before the election, rushing a confirmation in an election year.

I don't think this plays well for Republicans, strategically, but I am guessing the thinking is this:

Trump wants a third justice out of his pathological desire to erase his foes (Ginsburg, and Clinton — who appointed her) and in case he loses, to have three of his own appointees potentially in his corner if he contests the election.

The Romneys of the Senate, who are not facing an election in 40 days, are ideologues and even if they hate Trump (some of them), they get a pretty much ideal outcome: a reliably anti-Roe v Wade conservative around the age of 50 given a lifetime SCOTUS appointment.

And for the Senate Republicans who are facing an election in 40 days, their fates are probably sealed, winning or losing, so for those who are losing (1) this is a hail Mary ... and maybe it helps, or (2) they're toast anyway, so like their safe colleagues, fuck it, they get that same ideal justice ensconced.