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Sep 10 2020
Hottie High: Top 5 Studs Who Got Naked In Teen Movies Comments (0)

Let’s celebrate going back to school (virtually) with some (virtual) naked high school hunks. Spoiler alert: They're all well past the age of 18.

From ’80s sex comedies like Porky’s to recent high-profile shows like 13 Reasons Why, Hollywood has a seemingly never-ending fascination with high school. It’s a crazy time in all of our lives — a time that, according to Hollywood, is filled with a crazy amount of nudity ...

(5) Scott Caan, 22, in Varsity Blues (1999)

He doesn’t just touchdown — he strips down, revealing his amazing firm ass, and even his taint as he moons Dawson! Well taint that something!

(4) Miles Heizer, 25, in 13 Reasons Why (2017-2020)

This controversial series revealed a darker side of high school. It also revealed Miles’ truly perfect and smooth twink butt! 13 Reasons Why Not?

(3) Wesley Snipes, 24, in Wildcats (1986)

He and his teammates give Goldie Hawn a lesson in anatomy when they lift up their helmets to reveal their cocks!

(2) Tony Ganios, 22, in Porky’s (1981)

He and the boys get caught with their pants down, giving us some awesome looks at their athletic bods and period-appropriate ’80s bushes!

(1) Ryan Phillippe, 24, in Cruel Intentions (1999)

Who didn’t want to transfer to this bitchy New York prep school after seeing his positively spherical cheeks?