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Sep 04 2020
DNA's Sexiest Alive + Driver Attempts Murder In Times Square + Barr Lied + Booty-tastic Diver + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Hey, Mr. DJ.

BELOW: Keep reading for the sexiest men alive, a booty-tastic diver, attempted murder as a car plows through Prude protesters in Times Square, Barr lied and more  ...

Leonel-ledesma-shirtless-boyculture-DNA-248-Cover-1Leonel Ledesma — never saw a clearly uncut underwear bulge before! (Image via DNA)

DNA: DNA's issue #248 is devoted to 2020's Sexiest Men Alive ... and man alive, they're sexy.

WPIX: Video captured a car speeding through Daniel Prude protesters in Times Square. Is it any coincidence that driving through people — which anti-American terrorists favor, too — is a preferred tactic of American racists? Same/same.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Furthermore, the FBI has arrested two pro-Trumper militiamen who planned to shoot Kenosha protesters.

NYDN: The federal government is dropping funding to help NYC disinfectant schools, subways, amping up Trump's war on his home state — and against its governor, Andrew Cuomo.

NYT: The economic recovery will, in fact, be long and arduous; no Trump bump in sight here, boys. But we'll all be in the poorhouse by November 3 anyway.

TPM: The DOJ has admitted Barr's ridiculous story of voter fraud was wrong.

Dg2Stuck on you (GIF via GIPHY)

TOTTYLAND: British diver Daniel Goodfellow forever!

KENNETH IN THE (212): I want to live just north of this guy's hint of a tan line.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Peter Facinelli has lost 30 lbs. during lockdown.

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: A tennis player's hot legs. Plus: Cutest furry dude ever, of all time.

GAY CITY NEWS: The fired gay director of a Catholic church's choir is able to sue for harassment.

GR8ERDAYS (FOLLOWS APPRECIATED): Mitzi Gaynor is 89 today!!! More: