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Sep 27 2020
New Trump Tax Bombshells: He Wrote Off $70K For Hairstyling Comments (0)

TenorHair-raising revelations ... (GIF via GIPHY)

The New York Times has completed a major new investigation into Trump's taxes, and the results are shocking, which ... is not a shock.

Read it all here.

Some highlights:

Trump paid no federal income taxes — at all — 11 out of 18 years that were seen by the reporters. In 2017, he did pay federal taxes ... of $750. So you likely paid more than billionaire Trump.

His taxes were reduced in sketchy ways, including a $72.9 million tax refund that is still being audited, apparently.

His taxes are so low, in part, because many of his businesses are losing money hand over fist.

He wrote off $70,000 in hairstyling.

Ivanka is involved in his tax scams — she received fees that helped reduce his bill.