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Oct 08 2020
Chris Evans And His Tattooed Torso + Trump Nixes Virtual Debate + Trump Wants MAGA Rallies + Kamala Won + Buttigieg Murders Fox News + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Pence is full of shit.

BELOW: Keep reading for Typhoid Trumpy petulantly refusing to debate Biden virtually, Chris Evans showing off almost every inch of his body, Buttigieg murders Fox News and more ...

Chris-evans-shirtless-tattoos-boycultureHe'll tumble 4 ya! (Image via video still)

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: Chris Evans flips ... for his new tattoos.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Trump's health issues at Walter Reed are not covered by HIPAA ... they're covered by NDAs Trump made doctors and staff there sign in 2019. He has health issues he is concealing — probably why he made those pre-coronavirus out-of-nowhere visits.

HUFF POST: The next presidential debate will be virtual in order to protect the health of all involved. Therefore, Trump won't waste his time on it. Guess that means Biden gets a free infomercial?

CNN: By 59-38, Americans chose Kamala Harris as the victor in Wednesday night's one and only VP debate, an outcome that also closely matched expectations among the group (indicating nobody truly moved the needle). Women have to win resoundingly in order to be seen as treading water. Reminder: Harris went into the debate with the highest favorables of any of the four presidential and vice presidential candidates, but:

Harris' numbers went up among men (from 49% favorable before to 56% afterward) and women (from 63% favorable before to 70% post-debate), and she even boosted her favorability rating among Trump supporters (from 4% favorable pre-debate to 12% after). Pence's numbers held steady among men and women (50% of men had a favorable view in both pre- and post-debate interviews, among women it was 33% pre-debate and 32% after).

RANDY REPORT: More than 50 times as many people have early-voted as did by this point in the 2016 election, from 75,000 to over 4 million.

HRC: The Human Rights Campaign's annual scorecard makes it clear which party is the party of LGBTQ rights. Takeaways: Average Democratic House member score is 98.3 vs. just 4.2 (!) for the average Republican House member. In the Senate, it's even starker — 96 for the average Democrat and a shocking 1.6 for the average Republican. Many, many members of both Houses of Congress scored a zero.

TWITTER: Flipping the script on that other classic parlor game of Smear the Queer, Pete Buttigieg blew away the Fox News hosts interviewing him on VP debate night, leaving them momentarily speechless:

KENNETH IN THE (212): Hot dudes with masks.

NPR: The murder of Seth Rich became grist for the right's conspiracy-driven theories against the DNC and Hillary Clinton, and now the anonymous Twitter user who forged FBI documents and provided them to Fox News is about to be revealed, thanks to a judge's ruling. Please let it be someone we know!

NBC NEWS: The head of White House security now has COVID-19, bringing the number of people in Trump's orbit infected in the past week to over 30. And yet ... Trump is planning to do rallies as soon as Monday. Make the insanity stop!

SOCIALITE LIFE: RuPaul has returned to social media!

GR8ERDAYS (FOLLOW HERE): Can't believe this actor is NINETY today. Just re-watched The Andromeda Strain (1971) — very relevant, indeed! — pre-COVID and was reminded how sexy he was.