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Oct 28 2020
DNA's Birthday Suit + Guns At Polls Okayed In Michigan + Trump Abandons Nebraska Voters + Kim Kardashian: Guillotine Idol + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Bath that thing up.

BELOW: Sizzling-hot DNA cover, Biden on the latest police execution, Trump abandons his Nebraska voters and more ...

Dna-20th-anniversary-gay-shirtless-abs-boycultureThe angel Julian Gabriel (Image via DNA)

DNA: DNA's 20th-anniversary issue stars Miami's Julian Gabriel.

HUFF POST: Even though a militia tried to kidnap and presumably kill Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a judge there has okayed open carry at the polls. I will never, ever understand the obsession with weaponry, and no one can tell me that going to vote should mean you have to stand next to a person with a rifle.

NYT: Trump had about $270M in debt forgiven after a Chicago project tanked. Oddly, Hunter Biden didn't seem to be involved.

Trump-site-hacked-boycultureBut his website ... (Image via screengrab)

WOW REPORT: Trump's official site was seized by anonymous sources claiming to have damaging info about him, and telling us what we already know: we have no choice but to defeat this monster.

JOEBIDEN.COM: Biden's statement on the death of Walter Wallace at the hands of police is what any president should offer — intelligence, compassion and calm:

Our hearts are broken for the family of Walter Wallace Jr., and for all those suffering the emotional weight of learning about another Black life in America lost. We cannot accept that in this country a mental health crisis ends in death. It makes the shock and grief and violence of yesterday’s shooting that much more painful, especially for a community that has already endured so much trauma. Walter Wallace’s life, like too many others’, was a Black life that mattered — to his mother, to his family, to his community, to all of us.

At the same time, no amount of anger at the very real injustices in our society excuses violence. Attacking police officers and vandalizing small businesses, which are already struggling during a pandemic, does not bend the moral arc of the universe closer to justice. It hurts our fellow citizens. Looting is not a protest, it is a crime. It draws attention away from the real tragedy of a life cut short. As a nation, we are strong enough to both meet the challenges of real police reform, including implementing a national use of force standard, and to maintain peace and security in our communities. That must be our American mission. That is how we will deliver real justice. All Donald Trump does is fan the flames of division in our society. He is incapable of doing the real work to bring people together. We will.

We are all praying for the entire Wallace family, and for our nation, that we may move toward healing.

GR8ERDAYS: Lynda Carter gives Biden/Harris a spin, Bob Saget belatedly defends Lori Loughlin, a messy Happy Days table read and more past blasts.

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER: Trump hauled ass over to (checks notes ... checks them again) Nebraska to try to save his flailing campaign. Why there? Well, he wants 1 single EV from Omaha. During his rally, he urged supporters to, Get the hell out and vote! ... but getting the hell out was something his campaign hadn't considered, and hundreds were stranded in the pitch-black cold for hours, including some elderly and young people who were in distress. This is the perfect example of what his presidency is, especially since COVID-19 is spiraling out of control in that state, yet he held a massive rally there in the first place. I'm sure most, if not all, of those (checks notes one last time) dumb-asses will still vote for him.

MY NEW PLAID PANTS: Russell Tovey, from many good angles, including a gander at his thighs:

Russell-tovey-legs-thighs-gay-boycultureRussell me up some Tovey! (Image via Instagram)

TWITTER: Harry Styles can't vote in the U.S., but he wishes he could, and he backs Biden/Harris:

KENNETH IN THE (212): Click Hairy-chest-boyculturehere if you like 'em hairy and mostly naked.

EXTRATV: Kim Kardashian turned 40, and celebrated by taking a gaggle of her inner circle to a private island for a lavish party, where locals in masks serviced all her needs. Then, she made sure to take to social media to flaunt it all, during an economic downturn and pandemic to spew such guillotine-baiting comments as:

Before COVID, I don’t think any of us truly appreciated what a simple luxury it was to be able to travel and be together with family and friends in a safe environment.


I am humbly reminded of how privileged my life is.

We, too, are remind of how privileged she is. By her, every opportunity she gets.

INSTAGRAM: Happy birthday to the one and only Annie Potts! The rest of today's celebrity b'days here.