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Oct 05 2020
Old Boyfriends: New Book Presents Unseen Images Of Male Affection, Love Comments (0)

e Hugh-nini-neal-treadwell-loving(Image © Loving by Hugh Nini & Neal Treadwell)

WaPo has a great gallery of images from the new book Loving, which contains a sampling of the massive collection of men-in-love images collected by husbands Hugh Nini and Neal Treadwell.

The article here also Loving-neal-treadwell-hugh-nini-gay-history-boyculturedelves into the issue of: How do we know they were in love? It's a sticky issue, as there is no science involved, just guesswork, and it can be hard to know since men routinely expressed affection in the past without it being understood as sexual or romantic.

The image above is so cute, but I immediately wondered if they weren't simply bachelors playfully advertising their availability. I just don't see how we can jump from that message to thinking they meant, 100 years ago, to each other.

In a very real sense ... it does not matter. I don't think the point here is sociological. It's more like reacting to art; the artist's intention is always interesting to know, but our reaction is what counts.

Look at all the images, though. The majority of them seem unmistakably romantic, and either way, they are all stunning examples of male affection, and are beautifully curated.

These boys have quite an eye.

Get the book here.