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Oct 08 2020
Tyler Posey Butts In + RIP To The TransGriot + Dylan Sprouse In Drag + Trump Fundraiser Scandal + Pence COVID-19 Story Blunder + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Coverboy.

BELOW: Keep reading for Tyler Posey's butt, the sudden death of the TransGriot, a Sprouse in drag, the mysteriously quiet Chris Christie and more ...

Tyler-posey-tattoos-shirtless-boycultureTyler gets naked, and you don't gotta join OnlyFans to see it (Image via selfie)

OMG.BLOG! (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Tyler Posey's bare ass.

Monica-roberts-transgriot-boycultureRest in power, dear lady. (Image via Twitter)

LGBTQ NATION: So sorry to read that Monica Roberts of TransGriot has died at 58. Her final tweet was on October 5, in which she said she couldn't wait to vote on October 13.

WOW REPORT: Dylan Sprouse plays a young male escort hired to impersonate and elderly man's (Ron Rifkin) wife who has died in the short Daddy. This is not the first time a Sprouse has been in drag.

HUFF POST: Mark Meadows, Trump's odious chief of staff, hosted a wedding with 70+ people in Atlanta in spite of a statewide ban of gatherings more than 10. And guess what? No social distancing, almost no masks.

NJ.COM: Former NJ governor Chris Christie checked himself into a Jersey hospital with COVID-19 as a precautionary measure because he has asthma and is incandescently obese (one stop up from “morbidly”) ... and that was six days ago. He hasn't offered any status updates, and his Democratic successor is already calling him a fighter.

BLOOMBERG: Elliott Broidy, formerly a top fundraiser for Trump and the GOP, has been charged with a slew of crimes for allegedly attempting to curry Trump's favor on behalf of foreign entities through back channels.

DEADLINE: Deadline accidentally published a draft story stating that Mike Pence was positive for COVID-19. (Real news from the same outlet: Joe Biden's Miami town hall had stellar ratings.)

POLITICO: Just face facts: Trump loathes the military. Now, he's casually blaming gold star families (!) for giving him COVID-19.

POLITICO: Third legit poll shows Kamala Harris won that debate. Three for three.

Anthony-galindo-ibarra-menudo-boycultureMenudo's members had a lot of shit to deal with. (Images via pinup & Instagram)

PEOPLE: RIP Anthony Galindo Ibarra, a former Menudo member who died several days after a suicide attempt. He was 41.

ENTREPRENEUR: Coming out as gay in the '80s was his best-ever career move.

JOE.MY.GOD.: The White House is blaming Gov. Whitmer of Michigan for “sowing division” as news breaks that she was surveilled and targeted for kidnapping and murder by homegrown terrorists.

I'm not buying what these guys are incelling: