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Oct 15 2020
Kamala On The Fly + Ritchie Torres & More Queer Candidates + Giuliani's Failed BUT HIS SON'S EMAILS Scam + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: She “ain't goin' to play with these hos” is Lincoln Project material.

BELOW: Keep reading for the queer candidates fighting for our rights, more Biden polling bonanzas (not to mention a record-breaking cash haul), Kamala on the fly and more ...

Portrait_THEM_RTorres01-boycultureRitchie Torres is an NYC rising star. (Image by James Emmerman for Them.)

THEM.: Them.'s new cover story is Samantha Allen's “A More Perfect Union: The Queer Candidates Fighting for Our Democracy,” and it profiles Phillipe Cunningham, Sharice Davids, Kim Jackson, Sarah McBride, Ritchie Torres and Sam Park (pictured).

KENNETH IN THE (212): Three-way calling, anyone?

TWITTER: Above: This is not an out-of-context gotcha, and this is not some politicized gaffe — Trump literally swatted his hand dismissively at the devastating Iowa floods, saying it was insulting that the media didn't mention that he had been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. (Which anyone can be, quite easily, and which he lost.) Team Biden needs to cut an ad on this and pay to have it shown across Iowa every damn day for 19 days. Iowa is probably red, but it's close enough to try.

WAPO: In an exclusive, The Washington Post has exposed a gaggle of conservative activists openly, fiendishly advocating for vote suppression.

THE HILL: The latest Quinnipiac poll has Biden up by 7. In Georgia. And, um, Rupert Murdoch thinks Biden will win in a landslide.

HUFF POST: Biden's fundraising in September was gigantic, breaking all records: $383M. And in better news, Trump is broke and not doling out the money he has wisely.

CRAIN'S DETROIT BUSINESS: An effort to ban LGBTQ discrimination statewide in Michigan has advanced.

TWITTER: Useful thread explaining why the Hunter Biden email story is balderdash:

More here on why the Hunter Biden emails story is more likely to wind up with Giuliani under investigation.

TPM: The California GOP is defiantly continuing with unofficial ballot drop-off boxes. One can only imagine where those ballots will end up, depending on the districts.

TWITTER: Could Kamala Harris see the infamous fly? (Nods.)

CITY PAGES: Garrison Keillor — who is, um, on our side! — says Roe v Wade isn't worth fighting for anymore, and to let places like South Dakota criminalize LGBTQ people.

TWITTER: At the Billboard Music Awards, Lizzo urged people not to let their voices be repressed, and her dress urged them to vote: